Former Springfield BDS Head Taking Over Eden Village

The man who resigned just days ago as the head of the City of Springfield’s Building Development Services has been named the new CEO of Eden Village.

Harlan Hill told OI that he began as a volunteer with the organization and developed a passion for their mission to help through his time working as a mentor for residents of Eden Village. Now, he’ll help chart the organization’s path as well as the spread of the Eden Village concept around the country.

“As I got to know the Browns (founders of Eden Village) and the staff here over the last year, things just seemed to develop,” Hill said regarding his joining the group full-time.

Hill said once Eden Village One was up and running, the group began to get interest around the country, and that’s where he’s really excited to help be a part of the future of Eden Village.

“As we sit here today, we have about 26 communities nationwide that have expressed interest and are wanting some form of consultation and/or licensing to be under the Eden Village umbrella,” Hill said. “That’s when the Browns thought ‘Hmm…we’re gonna need some help here.'”

Hill said the new position checked off two major boxes for him when it comes to a job: he can fulfill his love for architecture and his love for helping those in need in his community.

Eden Village recently announced the start of construction for a second location in Springfield, a former trailer park at 3155 West Brower. The group anticipates 24 tiny homes on that second site by the end of 2020.

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