Flu Shuts Down County Budget Office

If you tried to contact the Greene County Budget Office on Monday, you would have found a darkened office and the phones set to voice mail.

Why? Every employee in the office had come down with the flu.

“An employee came in when they were sick because they didn’t want to let us down,” Jeff Scott, Chief Budget Officer, told the County Commission during a briefing.  “While I’m glad our employees are that dedicated, it ended up getting the entire office sick.”

Katheryn Wall of the Springfield Greene County Health Department says that it’s common for employees to want to go to work when they’re sick, but that it’s best if they wait until they’re recovering.

“Obviously flu is hard hitting and you feel immediately, but a cold can linger,” Wall told OI. “Both of those are something you don’t want to pass along to co-workers. It’s a good rule to wait 24 hours after a fever, and if you do have to back into work, practice respiratory technique. Wash hands often, cough into your elbow, and clean surfaces around you if you cough or sneeze.”

Wall said it’s been a tough flu season and the severity restates the importance of getting a flu shot. The county has started to see a decline in flu cases after hitting a high of almost 670 cases a week in two consecutive weeks.

“Even if the vaccine is not a great match, it does tend to shorten the length of time someone has the flu if it doesn’t prevent it,” Wall said.

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