Children’s Miracle Network/MSU Dance Marathon Organizers Preparing for 2020 Event

Organizers of Missouri State’s dance marathon are getting preparations ready for the 2020 fundraising event.

The 40 hours of non-stop dancing is scheduled to take place starting on April 25 when Missouri State students will meet patients families in Springfield who have worked with Children’s Miracle Network.

The day’s events in addition to the dancing will include games and activities for the families. MSU’s annual fundraising goal for the campus will also be announced at the event.

“Dance Marathon sets a new precedent for college students,” Sophie Clark, Finance Director, said in a statement. “It empowers college students that they can make an impactful & meaningful change right where they are at— it doesn’t exclude students based on interest or involvement. Dance Marathon also inspires passion in college students by connecting them to a cause right before their eyes with families that have gotten to know through participating.”

The students participating have been working to raise funds in the past few months for Springfield’s Children’s Miracle Network hospital, while gaining leadership and nonprofit business experience.

““Dance Marathon is exciting,” Reagan Gremaud, Internal Director, said in a statement. “It’s exciting to see college students passionate about their local community & working together to give back to something bigger. Dance Marathon is giving back, building friendships, and growing as leaders.”

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