Glendale, Nixa Girls Basketball Teams Show Support for Ailing Athlete

Glendale High’s girls basketball team rolled out the red carpet for a former member of rival Nixa High School’s team.

More specifically, they brought out the red t-shirts.

The schools honored Emily Edwards, a Nixa High School senior who last summer was diagnosed with Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC.) The diagnosis forced Edwards out of the sport she loved.

“Emily and my daughter Madison have played with each other in summer basketball and played against each other as well,” Trish Marsh, head girls basketball coach at Glendale High, said in a statement. “We’ve known Emily’s family for quite some time, and when Nixa coach Jenny Perryman reached out to see if we were interested in partnering together to support her, I thought it would be a great thing to be able to show our support for her as a fighter against this condition and as a student athlete.” 

Coaches on both teams wore red t-shirts with the phrase “as a community, we rise together to find a cure.” Players wore the shirts pre-game and post-game. Proceeds from the sales of the shirt will go to Johns Hopkins Hospital. (Emily has had two surgeries so far at Johns Hopkins.)

The salute to Emily has now gone beyond the initial efforts of Glendale & Nixa; shirts have been ordered from Ozark, Skyline, and West Plains coaches. The Republic girls basketball team all wore the shirts.

“This effort speaks to the community of Southwest Missouri,” SPS Athletic Director Josh Scott said in a statement. “Our coaches have coached that young lady on youth teams, and our SPS coaches respect and support coaches at other schools. It’s another example of the best of high school athletics and a lesson they teach: it’s not about me, we do things for more than our benefit. That’s how we win at life.”

The teams are inviting the public to contribute to help their fundraiser in Emily’s honor. They have a page set up on the Johns Hopkins website where you can learn more about ARVC and donate in Emily’s honor.

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