Nixa Student Spurs Prom Dress Drive

Prom dresses are being collected at Nixa High School through Friday for a local charity that helps area girls who can’t afford to attend prom be able to participate in that special high school memory.

Haylen McKnelly, a student at Nixa High School, asked the school to participate in the dress drive on behalf of a charity for which she volunteers, Garde’n Gate Provisions. The charity holds a “Let Us Be Your Fairy Godmother” event each year for girls who cannot afford their prom, named after the Cinderella fable.

“Even for your average middle-class family or your typical high school worker, it takes a few months to budget and save up for prom,” McKnelly told OI. “For those who are less fortunate, prom is financially impossible. There are so many more families out there that can’t afford to send their daughters to prom than what we think. For a parent who doesn’t have the finances to send their child to prom, it is heartbreaking for them to see their child miss out on such a crucial event because they simply don’t have enough money.”

Girls from Nixa, Ozark, Sparta, Spokane, and Chadwick will be able to get dresses, shoes, jewelry, and receive free alterations. In addition, the girls will be pampered with free facials from Healing Hands Spa and Lloyd’s Cleaners has volunteered to clean all dresses.

In addition to the dresses that can be dropped off at Nixa High School, donations of jewelry, shoes, clutches, hair accessories and other prom related items can be donated at The Avant Garde’n resale store in Ozark.

The “Let Us Be Your Fairy Godmother” event will take place on February 23rd.

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