Female Nixa Firefighter Suing Department for Sexual Harassment

The first woman hired at a firefighter for Nixa is now suing the department, claiming she was subjected to sexual harassment and other forms of mistreatment.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court last week, claims that Dana Osborne has been facing harassment since her hiring in 2017.

Among the complaints in her suit are that she saw male firefighters walking around in boxer shorts; she faced intense critique while male firefighters were “not critiqued on the same basis,” had a Lieutenant tell her that she was “getting babied”; overheard other firefighters having sexually explicit discussions; had station members use “Obsourne’s female bathroom” without flushing the toilet; and she was “ostracized” by fellow firefighters.

She also received sexually explicit group text messages from other firefighters; sent nude photos from superiors and fellow firefighters; had a superior make comments to her while watching pornography; and then denied Osborne crucial training after she complained about the harassment.

Osborne’s suit notes the actions violate the Missouri Human Rights Act.

Osborne and those named in the suit are still working for the Nixa Fire Department.

Here is a copy of the suit:


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