Father of Children Killed in Interstate 44 Accident Sues Children’s Mother

Update: 2/12/2020, 12:15 p.m..

The father of three children killed in an accident on Interstate 44 last July has filed a civil lawsuit that names the children’s mother and others as responsible for the deaths.

Ionel Dobos’ claim against the mother of the children, Claudia Dobos, is based in part on the accident report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol stating that she didn’t swerve fast enough. Ionel Dobos is also suing anyone even remotely connected to the truck involved in the accident.

The accident took place when a truck driven by Erskine Pickwick, which has been parked beside the road, attempted to pull into traffic and pulled into the path of the van driven by Claudia Dobos. The van swerved off the road and into the cable barrier in the median, ripping off the side of the van, leading to the deaths of Olivia Dobos, 8, Angelina Dobos, 7, and Julia Dobos, 6.

The driver is accused of violating regulations related to driving more than 70 hours in an 8 day period among other violations of law.

Ionel Dobos is suing for punitive damages, burial costs, and medical expenses for the children who survived the crash but were injured in the incident.

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