Holt Named SPS Deputy Superintendent of Academics

Springfield Public Schools has named a new Deputy Superintendent of Academics who will assume the role on July 1.

Dr. Nicole Holt will take over from the current co-interim deputies, Dr. Stephen Kleinsmith and Dr. Kent Medlin. Holt will oversee all academic departments within the district, including learning resources and innovation, special education and support for English language learners.

“We are very pleased that Dr. Holt has agreed to serve in this critically important role,” Dr. John Jungmann, superintendent of Springfield Public Schools, said in a press statement. “Dr. Holt’s selection is the result of a national search for a leader with the unique combination of experience and passion for our students, our district and our community. At the conclusion of our search, it was clear that Dr. Holt is the right person. She knows our district exceptionally well; is committed to developing, leading and supporting opportunities for students of all backgrounds; and has demonstrated the ability to unite and inspire educators around our district’s shared mission and goals.”

Holt, current SPS’s Director of Learning Development, has 16 years of classroom and leadership experience. Prior to her current position, Holt served as principal of Sherwood Elementary, principal of Holland Elementary, and a teacher at Robberson Elementary.

Holt is a graduate of Glendale High School, who earned her degrees from Evangel University, Missouri State and a doctorate from the University of Missouri.

“I am both honored and humbled to continue my service to Springfield Public Schools in this new capacity,” Dr. Holt said in a statement. “Over the course of my career, I have served SPS in a variety of roles and I am thrilled about the opportunity to work with students, teachers, support staff and leaders as Deputy Superintendent of Academics. I am passionate about working collaboratively across our system and larger community to meet the needs of all students.”

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