Greene County Jail Still at Record Levels; Marshals Want More Space

The Greene County Jail is already filled to over capacity and it looks like the Sheriff is going to have to find a way to take on even more prisoners.

The number of prisoners in the jail as of Tuesday morning was 1,012 according to Greene County Sheriff’s Department Major Royce Denny. Denny gave the information during a briefing of the Greene County Commission.

The county may have more issues on the horizon as Denny informed Commissioners the U.S. Marshal Service has told the Sheriff’s Office they may need more space in the jail. The county is obligated by law to take prisoners from the Marshal service on temporary holds.

The county is close to a new partnership with Webster County to take some of the jail overflow. Webster County is opening a new jail facility and will be doing some training with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, and when the jail is open they could take up to 50 prisoners from Greene County. The new jail could open as early as March.

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