Springfield Mom Gains National Attention for Self-Published Book

A Springfield mom’s first effort at a children’s book is gaining national attention.

Gabrielle Martin published “Hold My Hand, Mama,” a book inspired by her daughter Collette. The book tells the story of life from a daughter taking her first steps to her mother’s last step.

Gabrielle Martin (photo courtesy Thrive Global)

“While snuggling with my youngest, Colette (4y/o at the time), she laid her tiny hand on my chest and sweetly said, ‘Hold My Hand, Mama,'” Martin wrote for ThriveGlobal.com. “I kid you not it was like an alarm went off in my brain and I immediately thought to myself, ‘How many times throughout my daughters’ lives will they say those words?'”

Martin, who had never written a book, restructured her life to be able to get the story written before reaching out to find an artist to create the visuals. She worked with New Zealand artist Claudia Gadotti, who not only brought the words to life but used some photographs of the milestones of Martin’s children’s lives as inspiration for some of the drawings.

The softcover book was then self-published through Amazon and began to gain attention from mom blogs and websites. A Kindle version of the book was also made available, with the book currently holding a 5 star rating.

Martin then began to receive national attention, including a personal invitation from the woman who created the world-renown Huffington Post to share the story of the book. Arianna Huffington personally reached out to Martin to ask her to share her story of publication on Huffington’s latest platform, Thrive Global.

Martin announced that she will be producing a hardback version of the book that will be available through brick and mortar retailers like Barnes & Noble. If sales of the book are successful, Martin plans other books in the series including “Hold My Hand, Daddy.”

Martin is a Springfield native, graduate of Kickapoo High School and Drury University. She lives in Springfield with her husband and two daughters.

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