Local Car Dealer Steps Up When Catalytic Converter Thieves Strike Charity

It could have just been another charity on the pile of those idled because catalytic converter thieves stole parts off their delivery truck.

Instead, Least of These food pantry is telling the story of a local business that not only discovered the theft, but took care of the problem so the charity didn’t miss a beat.

The food pantry reported on social media this weekend that they received a call from Ozark Chevrolet telling them someone had stolen the catalytic converter from their delivery truck.

The theft is part of a growing problem in southwest Missouri: Habitat for Humanity of Springfield and the Springfield Salvation Army have been struck by the thieves, among other groups.

Unlike the other groups, Least of These was told that Ozark Chevrolet was going to pick up the cost of the stolen converter and take care of repairs. The mechanics working at the car dealer then made a cash donation on top of the repair work.

“We are so blessed by our amazing community!” Least of These staff posted on Facebook.

The reason thieves are stealing the catalytic converters is because they can contain metals like platinum which can draw high value at scrap yards. Also, a recently caught thief told Springfield police that people on Facebook are offering to buy them at $100 or more.

(Headline photo from Least of These Facebook page)

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