Johnny Morris Honored by NPAA

Bass Pro Shops founder and noted conservationist Johnny Morris has been honored for his efforts contributing to sportfishing and the actions he’s taken that have molded the future of the sport.

Morris was given the 2020 Look To The Future Award by the National Professional Anglers Association. Morris, who spent five years on the professional bass fishing circuit, was hailed as “a retain and travel destination pioneer.”

 “It was an absolute honor to present Johnny with the NPAA’s “Look to the Future” Award at our conference,”  NPAA President Brian Bashore said in a statement. “This award recognizes people and organizations who have contributed greatly to the future of sportfishing through their efforts surrounding conservation of our aquatic resources, and/or efforts to support growth in angling participation. Johnny’s passion and support for sportfishing made him the perfect award recipient.” 

Morris talked about sharing the passion of the sport during his acceptance speech. He singled out sharing the joy of fishing with youth, and shared stories of doing exactly that with the NPAA members attending the ceremony.

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