Whip Solstice Arrives for Pineapple Whip Addicts

Get ready to Whip it.

Springfield’s Pineapple Whip has announced the dates for their annual “Whip Solstice”, the only time during the winter the business opens to give customers their Whip fix.

The Whip Solstice will take place this year from January 22nd through January 26th at their 3850 South Campbell Avenue location. The stand will be open from noon until 10:30 p.m..

,”We always had people tell us how much they missed us when we closed up for the winter,” Whip employee Zach Fortner said in a statement. “Our first Whip Solstice was more of a joke than anything. We thought it would be fun to open for a few days half-way through our off-season assuming a few of our hard-core customers would show up but not much else.  As luck would have it, more than just our super-fans showed up so here we are 5 years later.”  

The traditional pineapple flavor will be available all five days, with strawberry-kiwi served Wednesday through Friday, and Mango-Peach on Saturday and Sunday. They will sell a limited number of pints each day.

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