Lake Springfield on Impaired Waters List

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has placed Lake Springfield on their list of impaired waters.

DNR monitors lakes to see if the level of chlorophyll, or the greene coloring in algae, exceeds a federal limit of 15 micrograms per liter of water. Lake Springfield has exceeded that level for a number of years, and currently is considered to have all 293 acres impaired.

A note on the list says the impairment is a “nutrient related impairment”, which according to the EPA is related to runoff entering the water such as farm runoff, septic tank discharges or other emissions from pastures.

Nitrogen or phosphorus can stimulate excessive algae growth.

The James River feeds into Lake Springfield and could be the main source of the nutrients feeding the algae.

DNR suggests that anyone who is planning to plant crops or a new lawn contact their local extension office to see if they need fertilizer. Lowering use of fertilizer can assist in the control of the algae within the lake.

While the algae is not at a level that it can cause harm to humans, it can hurt fish and other wildlife.

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