Greene County Deputies Go Above & Beyond for Elderly Couple

It’s not every day that the Greene County Sheriff’s Department’s deputies find themselves buying laundry supplies for someone who called 911.

Deputies Austin Adams and Chuck Baxter were sent to a call from an elderly couple to do a well-being check. When they arrived on the scene, they discovered the elderly couple was immobilized, with the wife trying to take care of her husband who was in need of medical help.

The woman told the deputies that her husband was her caretaker, but had suffered some medical issue the prior week that had left her having to take care of their needs. She was attempting to do their laundry and overwhelmed by the task.

The deputies also noticed the couple was in need of food.

Instead of calling for an ambulance and going back on patrol, the deputies stepped up to make a difference in the lives of the couple.

While Deputy Baxter stayed with the couple and helped them with their immediate needs, Deputy Adams went to a nearby store for food and a specific brand of laundry detergent that the woman was adamant the couple needed to use.

Deputy Baxter also tracked down family members who came to care for the couple after the deputies had to leave the home.

The duo also arranged for the medical care that the man needed, and he reportedly is now able to return to being the caretaker of the woman.

The deputies were being saluted on social media for their efforts going above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of the couple.

“You guys are awesome you show the community how much it means to put the badge on every day,” Willy Locklear wrote. “It’s not always about putting bad guys in jail. You both did a really good job keep up the good work. Sheriff of Greene county you really have awesome people working for you. I am proud of living in your community. Because I know you guys do an awesome job of keeping us safe.”

“Thank you officers!” added Jeannie Hoyle. “Going above and beyond on the job but doing exactly what should be done as human beings. We all have the obligation as humans to take care of each other, especially our elderly, they took care of us, we take care of them!”

Mike Spiller summed up the feelings of hundreds who responded to the social media postings about the deputies.

“Sirs, you are great examples of out law enforcement officers,” Spiller said.

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