One More Time: Ready the Monument

by Ed Peaco

Ready the Monument, a powerful band on the local scene during the early- and mid-teens, will be discharging gritty tunes of fuzzed guitar and heavy-hitting drumming for one more show.

The Monument has been Ready for almost four years: The reunion event will happen at 9 p.m. on January 18, at Moon City Pub. The occasion for this show is a milestone: the 40th birthday of Rob McElroy, the band’s singer with a brawny voice often arching toward a rasp. Jessie Lamb (guitar), Anthony Hunt (bass) and Mike White (drums) round out the band.

“The music ranges from infectious punk-esque songs like ‘Too Late’ or ‘Loser’ to full-on grunge headbangers like ‘Then And Now’ or ‘Deceiver,’ with a few ballads and well-known covers thrown in,” Jessie said.

Beyond the music, for several years, the band organized benefits for Toys for Tots. “This will be our first show since May 2016, when we played a benefit concert for our one of our fellow local musicians who suffered a severe spinal cord injury,” he said.

“We are all very excited to bring RTM back to life for one more show,” Jessie said. “We have all been practicing on our own to try and shake the dust off and can’t wait to begin rehearsing, as a group, in the coming weeks.”

Ready the Monument
Moon City Pub
9 p.m. Saturday, January 18
with Wrong Kinda Robot

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