Evangel University President Announces Retirement

The head of Evangel University announced a planned retirement after seven years at the helm.

Dr. Carol Taylor told students, faculty, and staff during a chapel service Thursday she plans to retire in August but is willing to continue in the position until the University’s next president is in place.

“It has been my joy and privilege to serve my alma mater,” Dr. Taylor, an alumna of both Evangel and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, said at the event. “With the extraordinary work that faculty and staff have done over the past several years, I believe that now is the right time to transition. I’m confident that the university is poised for continued growth with the next leader.”

During Taylor’s term at Evangel, alumni engagement more than doubled. The University has seen $35 million in donations and grants. Enrollment at the university has increased 8.95% in the last year.

“I’m grateful for the leadership of Dr. Taylor, not only through the consolidation but also in positioning Evangel University for a bright future,” Rev. Doug Clay, the general superintendent of the Assemblies of God said in a statement. “Evangel University, with the embedded seminary, is uniquely positioned in the Assemblies of God fellowship to give students the education and training they need to fulfill their God-given callings.”

Dr. Taylor said in a statement that while she’s stepping down, she will continue to be an advocate for the University.

“I love Evangel and the people here,” Dr. Taylor said in a statement. “Evangel is an extraordinary community that continues to produce graduates who have an incredible impact as they live out their vocational callings around the world. They are recognized for their excellence in service to the Church and the communities where they live. Evangel will remain my highest personal philanthropic priority, and I believe the best is yet to be.”

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