SGF Yields Program Shows Fourth Quarter Improvement

The city of Springfield announced their pedestrian safety program showed significant improvement over the course of 2019.

The SGF Yields program showed a 34% average driver compliance in the fourth quarter of the year, up nearly 10 percent from the first quarter of the year.

“With a 35% average in third quarter, our fourth quarter results show the improvement in compliance has held steady,” Traffic Safety Professional Mandy Buettgen-Quinn said. “Of course, our ultimate goal is to see 100% driver compliance. The community isn’t there yet, but the improvement over the last year shows that drivers are taking notice. We began our quarterly assessments in 2019 with only 25% stopping for a pedestrian waiting to cross. We hope to see continued progress in crosswalk awareness and safety in 2020.”

The city’s Public Works Traffic Operations has been conducting quarterly driver compliance at crosswalk reports since 2017. Two locations are studied as control groups and then one site from each of the four City Council zones.

In the most recent report, the top intersection was Broadway at Swan, near the entrance of Horace Mann Elementary School. Almost half the drivers, 48%, yielded at that intersection, a 20% increase from the previous study at that location.

“The improvements at Horace Mann have all helped to increase visibility and awareness of pedestrians at the crosswalk,” explains Buettgen-Quinn. “To receive the Mr. Walker and Student installation, the school worked with us to increase pedestrian education to students, teachers and parents. It’s exciting to see the positive effect on driver compliance and safety at this location.” 

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