Woman Arrested for Stabbing Man, Attacking K9 Officer

A woman is jailed in connection with a stabbing that took place just north of the city.

Justine Alina Iandolo, 36, is facing charges of first degree assault or attempted assault, and resisting a felony arrest. She could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the assault.

Greene County Deputies say that Iandolo stabbed a man inside an apartment near East Valley Water Mill Road on December 29th. The stabbing victim told deputies that he had asked Iandolo to leave the home after she had used methamphetamine. He said that she then charged and stabbed him.

Iandolo refused to leave when confronted by law enforcement. A K9 was sent into the building and deputies heard the K9 officer yelp in pain when Iandolo fought back against the dog. The dog bit Iandolo repeatedly as Iandolo resisted.

Iandolo had to receive hospital treatment for the bites.

No attorney of record is listed for Iandolo, who is scheduled for a hearing in front of Judge Ronald Carrier on January 10.

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