Donors to Salvation Army Match Bass Pro Donation; Kettle Campaign Way Behind

The Salvation Army announced that Bass Pro’s matching gift for the 2019 Red Kettle Campaign was met by local donors.

Bass Pro gave a “Bucket Blitz” donation of $10,000 if donors across the region were able to match that gift within a week. During the four day “Bucket Blitz”, over $49,000 was raised for the charitable organization to continue their work helping the homeless and hungry in the region.

Overall, donations for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign have not reached 50%. The last total showed that about 45% of needed funds, or just over $450,000, has been raised with one day of bell ringing to go.

Donations to the group can be made online at or by bringing a donation to 1707 West Chestnut Expressway in Springfield. You can also text SAL to 24365 from a mobile device.

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