Thieves Steal Christmas Presents of 10 Springfield Children

A family in Springfield was devastated to return home to find that thieves had broken into their mobile home and stole the Christmas presents for the family’s 10 children.

Shirley Scott and her family were out of town when the thieves kicked in her door and ransacked the home, taking over $1,500 in Christmas presents that had been sitting under the tree. Scott, who is disabled on a fixed income, had been saving to give her nephews and nieces are big Christmas because loves “the smiles on the kid’s faces.”

“I shopped for the last five months just to give my great great nephews and niece’s a bright, loving, happy Christmas,” Smith wrote on Facebook after the break-in. “It took two days of wrapping and lots of shopping [to get all the gifts prepared.]”

The children that Smith had purchased gifts for range from 5 to 15 years old.

The break-in was discovered by family friend Brian Lahman, a family friend, who called in law enforcement. Investigators with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office reportedly found a number of fingerprints from the thieves and an investigation is ongoing, with the department asking anyone with information about the break-in to contact the GCSO.

Lahman called the break-in a “horrible act of evil” and has organized a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for Scott to be able to replace the gifts for the children.

Scott said on Facebook that she will rest in having the family together for Christmas regardless of the outcome of the situation.

“I will smile and trust in God that ten little faces will understand that some heartless people took what wasn’t [theirs],” Smith wrote.

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