Source: Bulk of Initial Greene County Audit Work Completed

In the wake of Sheriff Jim Arnott telling County Commission members during a budget hearing that the county auditor’s office was overwhelmed with obtaining information for the State Auditor, OI investigated how much of a burden was being placed on the county auditor’s office.

While the auditor’s office was unable to give OI an official statement, a source close to Greene County officials tasked with working with State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s office on an audit of the county tells OI that the bulk of the local work is done.

The source tells OI that the state auditor’s team has already left Springfield with the large amounts of information usually used within an audit. They said state employees working on the audit are starting to focus on individual items within the audit.

“They’ll call the auditor’s office and ask questions about specific little things,” the source told OI. “It’s to the point they’re asking about little things, the kinds of questions that only come up when you’ve been looking through documents for a long period of time.”

The source said the state auditor’s employees aren’t even still in Springfield working with county staff.

“So it’s not like county employees aren’t having to deal with issues related to the state audit at all,” the source said, “but it’s nowhere near the amount of time that they had to spend in the time after the launch of the audit.”

While the state auditor apparently has not given an official date for when the audit will be completed, the source said staff working on the audit indicated they expect to be done with their work in the first quarter of 2020.

“But then the upper levels of the process get involved and that could add significant time,” the source told OI.

A call to the state auditor’s press secretary by OI was not returned by press time.

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