Luna J Stays Cool While Busy with High-Energy Projects

by Ed Peaco

The musicians of Luna J are working on several fronts to bring new and upgraded songs in various settings.

Luna J consists of Bryan Copeland (vocals, guitar, sax), Tyler Mathews (keys, percussion, vocals), Nick Archambault (bass), and Dalton “Doc” O’Conner (drums).

The work spans from singles to a live studio album, from music to whisky. Notes on the projects, in chronological order:

Will You Remember?

Bryan’s solo single, “Will You Remember?” is coming out Tuesday, Dec. 10. The song addresses loss of memory and other brain functions caused by dementia for people with the disorders as well as their families. Bryan says, “What do you do when the person you love most no longer remembers who you are?”
Bryan and Jeff Smith from Studio 2100 provided all the instrumentation and production.
Check Bryan’s website for information about the single.

Luna J.: Live cuts from Audio in Motion
The band’s live studio album comes out on Dec. 17. Four new songs are on this album, along with live takes of Luna classics. Drummer “Doc” recorded the tracks, live and uncut. In addition, different versions of covers are on the band’s YouTube Channel or the band’s website.
The band has been inviting other players into the studio. “We have started to work with other local, original musicians by putting out videos with them about every other month. They come to our studio and we learn one of their original songs and become their backing band.”

Words & Whisky
“We also work out a cover with them, and we have a little interview show with them as well that we call “Words and Whisky” where we sample and promote regional whisky and ask our favorite local musicians questions about them and their music. Our first guest was Drew Beine from Smokey Folk, and our next guest is going to be Ivy Schulte from i.v. and The Mixtapes.

The band is working on a single, with Jeff, Bryan and the band producing. The single should be released sometime early next year. “This danceable pop song is high energy, with Lunaesque guitar and bass guitar licks, as well as a high flying vocal,” Bryan said.

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