Greene County Sheriff’s Office Names Officer and Civilian Employee of the Year

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has honored two of their staff with year-end awards.

The GCSO named Leann Termin as their Civilian Employee of the Year. Termin is a Detention Administrative Assistant.

Her coworkers nominated her for the position, saying that she is the “go to person in the jail for employee paperwork questions.” They stated that she routinely assists the staff at jail even with things that are not part of her job description.

Termin was praised for her “caring smile, professional demeanor, and abundance of knowledge” about the department’s needs.

The GCSO also named Detective Daniel Zacek-Smith the Commissioned Officer of the Year.

Detective Zacek-Smith is assigned to work with the Family Justice Center and focuses on helping victims of domestic violence find justice.

The detective was praised by coworkers for having a “get it done” attitude and showing a real gift for having empathy for the victims that he serves at the FJC.

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