Greene County Awards December Top Branch Awards

The Greene County Commission honored four county employees for work above and beyond their job responsibilities and outstanding performance of their duties.

All of the employees were given a certificate and a gift package along with being honored at the monthly Commission Court session.

Here are December’s Top Branch winners, along with the information about them that was written on their nomination form:

Rhett Boynton – Highway Department

Rhett is a backhoe operator for the Highway’s East Side crew but he never hesitates to jump down and help with any job that needs to be done. He brings an energy and good attitude with him every single day and inspires those he works with to do the same. He takes pride in the work the whole crew does and is very meticulous in the standard of work they do. Rhett constantly takes into consideration what the residents of Greene County will see when they leave the worksite. When completing a job, Rhett makes sure that the quality of work is to the highest standard the crew can provide. While working, Rhett is always making sure that the crew and citizens are safe. He won’t move equipment until he can see every single one of the crew members and the road safety signs don’t come down until everything else is packed up and ready to go. Rhett shows every day his ability to go above and beyond. His attitude and dedication make him a role model that others want to follow.

Travis Countryman – Highway Department

Travis was approached several years ago to help the Highway Department recruit applicants for seasonal positions and help those applicants in obtaining their CDL. In no way was this work a part of Travis’s normal duties but he took it on and continued to develop the program as years progressed. Travis took it upon himself to adapt the MODoT CDL test preparation booklet specifically for the Highway’s needs and he sets up practice courses on the lot to help with test preparation. On numerous occasions he has taken time out of his own schedule to help train new applicants. Multiple past and present seasonal employees have informed us how much Travis has helped them. Travis has gone above and beyond everything that he was originally asked to do. He is a dedicated, hard worker who deserves recognition of his actions and accomplishments for Greene County.

Tyrel Floyd – Office of Emergency Management

During the severe weather that impacted our area on April 30, Tyrel showed his dedication to Greene County by consistently going above and beyond the call of duty. He was assigned to perform damage assessments, a key component of receiving a disaster declaration for the community. Tyrel spent several days talking to citizens and collecting data. He continued going back into the field as new damages were reported. He became the damage expert for the area as he assisted in showing the area to county, state and federal officials over multiple requests. He was instrumental in briefing the incoming FEMA representatives on where the worst damages occurred. His commitment did not end there. Tyrel has presented several new damage assessment strategies and ideas that will help Greene County become even more efficient throughout this process in the future. His hard work was greatly appreciated during this time of emergency and his professionalism and commitment was impeccable.

Susan Bensman – Sheriff’s Office

Susan is an invaluable part of Greene County. Not only does she have her own duties to perform, she repeatedly goes above the call of duty and is always willing to step up and lend a hand wherever she is needed without fail. Susan is quick to ask if there is anything she can do to assist anyone who needs help. On countless occasions she has been critical in allowing the Mail Room operations to continue seamlessly in spite of illness or vacation time within the department. She brings a positive attitude and can-do mindset to everything she does. Susan’s hard work has been noticed and is greatly appreciated by Greene County.

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