Greene County Commissioners Begin Drilling Down on 2020 Budget

The Greene County Commissioners met with key staff on Monday to begin the work of fine tuning the initial budget proposal from the County’s Budget Department.

The commission looked at a series of potential budget changes to the county’s 101 budget fund that would increase funding to a number of areas that the budget office felt was likely to gain Commissioner approval. Many of those areas involved items that are related to ongoing expenses, such as maintenance costs for equipment or have shown a consistently higher number than previously budgeted over a number of years, such as laundry costs for the jail.

The increases were being taken as part of just over $287,000 left unallocated in the 2020 fund 101 budget by the budget office, to allow Commissioners to make changes on budget items that have been delayed from previous years, or that may have increased in costs from 2019.

One of the areas the Commissioners are examining is the job titles and responsibilities across the County with an eye toward equity in job titles across different departments. For example, if someone in the highway department is doing essentially the same job as someone in the purchasing department, the Commissioners want to have their position in the county’s salary ladder the same.

They are also considering the addition of new job positions that have been specifically requested by departments. One of those positions is the cybersecurity network engineer that the information systems department has repeatedly called a critical position because of the tens of thousands of attacks each month on the county’s computer network.

The head of IS called that position critical along with a database administrator; the two positions could cost the county near $150,000. Commissioners have not made a decision on the positions.

The Commissioners will also be looking at other county funds to designate funds unallotted by the budget office in county funds 102 (maintenance and capital categories) and 216 (law enforcement related.)

Budget discussions continue Tuesday morning following the Commissioner’s regular briefing at 8:45 a.m. and will carry on throughout most of the day, with the exception of a scheduled one-hour press conference on the new land purchase for the new Greene County Jail.

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