Greene County Commission Beginning Final Budget Decisions

If you’re a Greene County resident who wants to keep an eye on what the county is planning for the upcoming year, this is a week you’ll want to keep an eye on your commissioners.

The Commission will begin their in-depth work on the 2020 budget with a meeting at 11 a.m. Monday at the Historic Courthouse, 940 North Boonville Avenue, Room 212.

The Commissioners have received reports from all county departments regarding suggested changes they would like to see compared to the original budget plan laid out by the County budget office.

Here is the proposed budget from the budget office:


County department heads have made a number of suggestions to Commissioner for changes to the budget.

Suggested changes to the budget include requests from the head of IT for a full-time cybersecurity because of continuing cyberattacks on county systems; changes to the budget based on the future construction of the Greene County Jail and changes to that facility’s design; and changes to funding of transport of prisoners because of a deal with the city of Springfield concerning the keeping of city prisoners.

Here is the Commission’s scheduled hearings for the week, with Thursday the only day that does not have budget hearings scheduled:


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