Woman Responsible for Christian County Courthouse Evacuation Appears in Court

The woman who had a substance in her purse that resulted in an evacuation of the Christian County Courthouse and four deputies being sent to the hospital has appeared in court.

Rebecca Lynn Hucker, 38, of Springfield, has pleaded not guilty to a felony drug possession charge and two misdemeanor charges related to the incident.

Hucker had attempted to enter the court to attend her boyfriend’s court appearance when deputies searched her purse. When a deputy opened the purse, they encountered a white powder that caused an immediate physical reaction by the deputy.

When other deputies reacted to the situation, three were also overcome by the substance, requiring treatment for blurry vision, difficulty breathing, and lightheadedness.

Hucker told Christian County Deputies the powder was meth, but that the meth was not cut with fentanyl. Initial tests of the substance didn’t provide a definitive answer and further testing is taking place.

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