Retired Drury Professors Endow Programs for Indian Students

Two retired Drury professors have endowed a program that will allow the University’s students in India to gain hands-on experiences.

Drury President Dr. Tim Cloyd at Hem Sheela school

Drs. Rabindra and Protima Roy are donating $200,000 to create the Hem Sheela and Tribal school Experiential Learning Endowment.

“This endowment is unique and it is an extraordinary milestone in strengthening the sister school relationship between Drury and the Hem Sheela and tribal schools,” Dr. Rabindra Roy said in a statement. “Drury students will travel to India every year to study tribal culture, conduct research, and take part in a variety of relevant hands-on projects.”

Dr. Cloyd with students at Hem Sheela school

The Roy’s endowment will help fund the Hem Sheela K-12 school in India. The Roys established the school in 1995, and it became a sister school to Drury University in 2002. Since 2004, Drury students studying education and child development have taught in the school to gain experience teaching international students.

The grant will provide funding for students traveling to India to cover living expenses, travel costs, fees, tuition, and related costs.

“This experiential learning grant will provide mutually beneficial real-life experiences for Drury students as well as students of Hem Sheela and the tribal school,” says Dr. Protima Roy.

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