Mother of Girl Killed in Accident Sues MoDOT

A woman whose 11-year-old daughter was killed earlier this year in an accident on Highway 65 is suing MoDOT for her daughter’s death.

Clorissa Tilden is claiming the guardrail involved in the accident was defective and responsible for her daughter’s death.

On the evening of May 13, 2019, a black Dodge Durango driven by 17-year-old Mikalia Koch of Bolivar struck the back of a Chevy Cruze driven by Tilden. The Cruze then went off the highway striking a guardrail, which is when the young girl was killed. Tilden and a 16-year-old passenger in the backseat were transported to the hospital.

The lawsuit is claiming that the guardrails along Highway 65 are defective and that MoDOT “knew or should have known” that there was a problem with the guardrails. There is no actual details in the filed lawsuit that back up the claims of defective guardrails.

Koch is facing manslaughter charges in the accident after police determined she was speeding and driving distracted at the time of the accident. Tilden is also suing Koch.

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