Crazed Driver Attacks KOLR10/Ozarks FOX Vehicles & Equipment

A crazed driver stormed into the parking area of KOLR10 and Ozarks FOX Saturday, damaging multiple vehicles and a satellite dish next to the parking area.

The driver rammed through the security gate at the entrance to the broadcast center on East Division Street in Springfield around 2 p.m. in a 2003 Honda Odyssey. The driver struck several of the station’s news vehicles before attempting to leave, at which point a station employee blocked his exit.

The driver then drove to the back of the broadcast complex and repeatedly rammed into a satellite dish.

Springfield Police have not announced a motive in the attack, but a KOLR10 cameraman braved a confrontation with the attacker and recorded the incident on video which can be seen on the KOLR10 website.

The driver yells in an Eastern European accent about a “false inventor” while waving papers at the cameraman. Nothing in the aired rant made any specific reference to KOLR10, Ozarks FOX, any staff member, or media in general.

No staff members from the stations were injured in the incident.

(Headline photo courtesy KOLR10 from their story on the incident.)

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