CoxHealth Ambulance Flips After Being Clipped By Truck

The driver of a pickup truck clipped a CoxHealth ambulance heading for a call with lights and sirens running, flipping the ambulance at the intersection of Campbell Avenue and Grand Street in Springfield.

The ambulance was on the way to a call, so no patient was inside at the time of the collision.

Springfield police say that the ambulance was traveling northbound on Campbell and that vehicles had a green light had stopped to allow the ambulance to pass. The ambulance slowed and then proceeded into the intersection.

A truck headed westbound on Grand in the far right lane, which was not blocked by traffic, approached the intersection and did not slow down as it entered the intersection. The ambulance driver saw the truck bearing down and accelerated to avoid being hit but could not avoid the collision.

The front of the truck struck the ambulance on the right side and caused it to flip over and skid north on Campbell.

CoxHealth released the following statement on the accident:

One of CoxHealth’s ambulances was involved in an accident on Campbell Avenue early Monday evening. The ambulance was responding to a call with its lights and sirens on when it was clipped by another vehicle and tipped on its side. No patient was on board, but one EMS professional was evaluated for head pain.

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