Peace, Love & Loud Guitars – That’s Anthony Gomes

by Ed Peaco

Anthony Gomes, a friend of Springfield blues fans, will make another stop here at Shuffle, 7 p.m. November 23, where the guitar slinger will also bring intriguing lyrics that tell exciting stories.

Without all his lyrics of all his songs of all his albums placed on his website, I would not have focused on words. I would not have found reasons to laugh, moan and empathize.

“Trial and error, and lots of error,” Anthony said about his approach to writing. “I think something should resonate with you, and when it does, it speaks to you, and the path becomes pretty clear. It’s a fine-tuning of things that takes some time and effort.”

Those who don’t know the song titles of Anthony’s most recent album (2018), “Peace, Love & Loud Guitars,” will be energized by the titles and Anthony’s notes:

“White Trash Princess”: “Everybody’s got a little bit of white trash princess in them. … Sometimes the things that people think are liabilities are actually our best assets.”

“Stealin’ From the Devil”: “The punishment didn’t fit the crime. Let’s go down to hell and rescue this guy.”

Meanwhile, Anthony is slammin’ on a blues-rock piece, “Blues in the First Degree.” His solo on “Your Mama …” is screamin’.

Beyond craft, Anthony wants to fire up younger listeners, and he has heard people use, in his opinion, a misguided approach.  

“You’re going about it wrong. You’re telling the kids they should listen to the blues, because that’s where rock ’n’ roll came from,” he said. “They should tell them, ‘No, do not listen to the blues. It will corrupt you, it’s the devil’s music, and if you listen to it, you’ll be grounded.’ You’d sell more blues records than Miley Cyrus will sell.”

“Peace, Love & Loud Guitars,” the title song, is a raucous rock anthem. The song seeks to build a better place for the world, in a climate of negative energy, while finding ways to laugh.

“‘Peace, Love & Loud Guitars’ talks about unity, yet it comes at it in a fun way, with a lot of bravado and less seriousness. That was very intentional on this album because I think we need to laugh to break down the barriers.”

Anthony’s Foundation
Founded in 2010, The Music is the Medicine Foundation is focused on the healing power of music. MITM has directly helped children with cancer, young adults with autism and war veterans with PTSD. It has funded songwriting scholarships, offered musical education programs and donated musical instruments.

Anthony Gomes
Sat., Nov. 23, at Shuffle
Doors at 7 p.m., music at 8 p.m.

(Headline photo by Stephen Jensen)

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