Local Springfield Bookstore Bookmarx Reverses Closure Announcement

The cats will read on.

Bookmarx, a Walnut Street bookstore that announced their closure last week, has announced that they have worked out a deal with their landlord to stay open at least through Spring.

This means that book lovers who enjoy the furry company of “store cats” Googey, Squash, and Pushkin will be able to continue their feline enhanced readings.

Owner Joshua Arnett made a post on Facebook stating that they were able to reach an agreement that keeps the store open and apologized to the community for causing concern.

“I honestly feel terrible about accidentally doing fake news,” Arnett posted on Facebook.

Arnett credited the support of the community with helping to keep the store open. He said that other businesses in the area have also offered to help the store continue operations.

Bookmarx also said they are going to sell all books for 25% off throughout November as they were going to do in a liquidation sale “so no one feels cheated.”

Arnett also joked that among the changes made will be a guarantee that “Squash will never again hiss at a child no matter how much like Max from Where The Wild Things Are the child behaves.” Squash (pictured in headline photo) did not comment other than giving a dismissive look.

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