Teen Charged in August Killing Will Stay in Juvenile Court

A judge agreed with the recommendation of the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office’s recommendation that the case of a 15-year-old accused of killing a Springfield man stay in the juvenile court system.

The teen is facing the juvenile equivalent of second degree murder charges in the stabbing death of 43-year-old Craig Dorser on August 21. The stabbing took place on the sidewalk near a home on West Walnut Street.

The Greene County Prosecutor’s Office told the judge that the teen initially was defending his home and mother, which would make the attack justified, however he chased Dorser outside the home which would nullify the self-defense claim.

Court officials say that Dorser’s family asked the judge to move the case to adult court.

The ruling to stay in juvenile court was made by Judge Andy Hosmer, who will have another hearing in the case in front of him on November 26.

(Editor’s Note: Ozarks Independent does not identify minor defendants in juvenile court cases.)

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