City Utilities to Begin Using Electric Buses in 2020

Springfield’s City Utilities announced the replacement of older buses in their transportation fleet with two new electric buses.

The new buses will go into service in late 2020.

 “The replacement of four 35-foot low-floor fixed route buses with two 35-foot low-floor electric buses will reduce our fleet’s usage of diesel fuel by nearly 36,000 gallons annually.” Matt Crawford, CU Director of Transit, said in a statement. “We will be able to eliminate 480 quarts of oil annually due to the reduced preventative maintenance. This is a savings of 432,000 gallons of diesel and 5,760 quarts of oil over the 12 year useful life of a fixed-route bus.” 

The new buses are the first zero emissions additions to Transit’s “fixed route” fleet. City Utilities currently obtains 40% of their electric power from renewable or zero emission resources; CU states the new buses are part of their commitment to low-emissions projects.

Funding for the buses is provided by the Federal Transit Authority’s Low or No Emission Vehicle Program. The funding received was $1.4 million, with the state of Missouri able to contribute from the Volkswagen Trust settlement if more funds are necessary.

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