Willard East Principal Publishes Leadership Book

An award-winning Willard educator has released a new book on using positive reinforcement in leadership principles.

Melinda Miller, principal at Willard East Elementary, co-wrote Lead With Appreciation: Fostering a Culture of Gratitude with Amber Teamann. The book examines how you can develop your workplace into a place where positive recognition and appreciation can make employees want to show up each day.

The book is part of the “Lead like a Pirate” series.

“My co-author Amber and I were actually asked to write the book approximately one year ago,” Miller told OI. “The publishing company was looking for another book for their ‘Lead Like a Pirate’ series and our niche of supporting principals with appreciation ideas caught their¬†attention.”

Miller, who was named 2015 Distinguished Elementary Principal for the Southwest Missouri region, is known for “out-of-the-box” thinking and working to find ways to adapt educational methods to today’s students.

Miller told OI she and her co-author have been passionate for years about helping administrators show appreciation for their teachers. She said she often tries to come up with special ideas and gifts to show appreciation to her staff.

“Every piece of content I put out into the world I hope it positively influences someone else,” Miller told OI. “Principals might be the least appreciated people in education. Principals also know that regardless of the lack of appreciation for themselves, it is so powerful to recognize those around you. Principals don’t get into this for the ‘thank yous’. We do this with the hope that we make teachers and students lives better.”

Miller’s book is available through Amazon and all major booksellers.

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