Springfield Fire Department Project RED Zone Moves into Rountree

The Springfield Fire Department’s Project RED Zone, which aims to make residents aware of the need for fire warning systems in their home, is moving into the Rountree neighborhood on Saturday.

Project RED Zone, which stands for Reduce, Educate, Deliver, is a part of the Fire Department’s Community Risk Reduction program. The program is aimed to make sure homes in all high-risk areas of the city have working smoke alarms.

“After Rountree, we plan to move into the Delaware and Oak Grove neighborhoods,” Fire and Life Safety Educator Heather Parker said in a statement.

The program has already visited over 22,000 homes in the West Central, Grant Beach, Westside, Heart of the Westside, Robberson, Woodland Heights, Tom Watkins, Doling, Midtown, Bissett and Weller neighborhoods.

Studies show that working smoke alarms double the chances of a home resident surviving a fire.

Project RED Zone has already has success in installing fire alarms that alerted two residents to fires in their buildings. In September 2017, a West Central resident was alerted to fire in a neighboring apartment, and in November 2018, a resident was alerted to a fire in the apartment below them.

Project RED Zone is funded by donations from the American Red Cross of Southern Missouri, Safe Kids Springfield, FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety grants and general revenue SFD funds designated for public education.

If you are not in the areas covered by Project RED Zone, you can obtain a fire alarm for your home by calling the Springfield Fire Department at 417-874-2300.

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