Parkview Barkery Helps Special Needs Students Learn Skills

At first glance, they just look like dog treats. When you look closer, you would see the end results of a lot of hard work from a group of Parkview students.

The Parkview Barkery is a student-led business that bakes, decorates, and sells homemade dog treats. The dog treats are created by the students in Parkview’s Functional Skills class.

“Our kids love working at the Parkview Barkery,” says Kim Duncan, Functional Skills teacher in a news release. “It’s fun because they get to create the treats from start to finish. Students research the dog treat designs on their Chromebooks, they measure, mix and roll out the dough. Then they bake, decorate and package the treats. Students sharpen a variety of real life math skills by taking inventory, measuring products and calculating profit or loss. We want our students to have full ownership and take pride in their work, because it is their business.” 

The business was created through a grant from Foundation for SPS. The students have sold hundreds of dog treats since the founding of Parkview Barkery.

The students from Functional Skills all find a way to work with the Barkery.

“No matter their ability level, every student can participate”, says Kim Sartin, Duncan’s fellow Functional Skills teacher, in a news release. “Everyone has a job in the Parkview Barkery. And while they’re making treats, our students get to learn skills that will prepare them for jobs out in the community. These skills can open so many doors for them.”

Parkview Barkery is open for business and you can order dog treats from them online.

The Barkery is selling treats in bags of 25. They’re available in peanut butter, blueberry, pumpkin, plain and iced.

The proceeds go to funding field trips and experiences for the students.

The website for ordering is located at this link.

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