Proponents of New Springfield City Flag Pitch City Council

A Springfield City Council committee is taking a look at what might be flying on flagpoles around town to see if they might look a little different.

The Council’s Community Involvement Committee held a meeting Tuesday with members of the Springfield Identity Project, headed by Hotel Vandivort owner John McQueary and local Emmy-Award winning comedian and talk show host “Mystery” Jeff Houghton.

Springfield City Public Information Officer Cora Scott informs Council about the current city flag.

The proposed new flag from the SIP was unveiled to the public two and a half years ago and is frequently seen in the downtown area. The flag features a compass rose in the middle with three stars above it, place on a field of three bars.

The proposed flag’s meanings include:

  • Three stars representing the city’s innovative spirit, connection with nature, and Ozarks culture
  • The white area represents the Ozark Plateau and Route 66
  • The compass to represent that Springfield is a crossroads of the nation
  • Crown: representing Springfield’s title as “Queen City of the Ozarks”
John McQueary (right) and Jeff Houghton talk about the current city flag during their presentation to City Council on behalf of the Springfield Identity Project

In speaking to the council, McQueary said that their goal was not necessarily to replace the current city flag but have an “icon” that Springfieldians could use to show civic pride. Houghton told Council members that the current flag should be kept as the city’s “historical flag” and not replaced with their proposal.

Councilman Richard Ollis told OI that one of the things he really likes about the proposal being brought to Council is that it was entirely citizen initiated and driven by a group of people with a real passion and love for the city of Springfield.

Councilwoman Phyllis Ferguson mentioned during the meeting that she was uncomfortable bringing the matter before Council at the current time because “most folks in my area [Zone 1] don’t even know about this flag.”

Critics of the flag have said that when you look at the flag you really don’t see anything that identifies Springfield, and that they don’t like the color scheme of the flag (specifically a lack of red, as Councilwoman Jan Fisk mentioned in the meeting was told to her by residents.)

If you would like to learn more about the Springfield Identity Project, visit their website.

(Editor’s note: the article was edited for clarity on comments by Jan Fisk to show she mentioned comments from citizens, that the color issue was not raised by her.)

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