Drury University Appoints Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Drury University has announced the hiring of a Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Marilyn Harris, hired in May as the head of Drury’s Human Resources department, will add the new position to her old duties. She will officially be known as Drury’s Chief Human Resources & Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Harris will focus on three main areas in her new duties:

  • Infusing diversity and inclusion throughout all parts of the university
  • Working with Springfield community leaders to develop partnerships for programs and initiatives pertaining to diversity and inclusion
  • Helping to facilitate campus-wide sessions on diversity training and leadership development to increase awareness of diversity and cultural competence among students, faculty, administrators and other staff

“I am profoundly proud of Drury University’s rich heritage of diversity and inclusion, which started with attracting women and Native Americans into its first class nearly 150 years ago,” Drury President Dr. Tim Cloyd said in a statement. “To continue to build upon our history we must attract, embrace and celebrate academic success that includes an expanded scope of diversity. Marilyn is the right person to lead these efforts. Yet she does not bear the sole responsibility in this area. It will take the contributions of the entire Drury community to ensure we are truly walking the walk in this regard.”

Harris will be the chair of the President’s Council on Inclusion, moving current chair Greg Booker to a role as faculty advisor.

Harris came to Drury from the Monarch Fire Protection District in Chesterfield, serving there as human resources director for five years.

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