Ozark JROTC Finishes in Top 10 at National Competition

The Ozark JROTC Raider mixed team and male team have placed among the best in the nation at a two day national competition.

The Ozark JROTC Mixed Team, made up of seven males and five females, finished sixth in the nation against 27 teams. The Ozark JROTC male team of 11 cadets finished eighth against 32 teams.

The mixed team also brought home two awards for finishing fifth in two of the competition’s five events: Cross Country Litter Rescue and Physical Team Test.

“These kids have been working hard from the first day of school, when we started Raider practices. Both teams were determined to finish in the top 10,” instructor MAJ. Danny Cazier said in a statement. “They ramped up the intensity of their practices even more about four weeks ago as we oriented more specifically on the events they would encounter at the national competition.”

The event also featured the Ultimate Raider event, which pits the top male and female cadet from each school on a 1.75 mile course with a rucksack while negotiating obstacles such as an 8-foot wall. Ozark freshman Madisyn Miller finished seventh in the nation in the female event, Ozark junior Clayton Moison 12th in the nation in the male event.

“The U.S. Army JROTC Raider National Championships continue to lead the way in showcasing many of the finest, most hard working Army JROTC Raider teams in the nation,” according to the National Raider Championships website. “The Raider Nationals weekend annually attracts many of the best male, female and mixed Army JROTC Raider teams in the country.”

The Ozark JROTC program currently has drill and rifle teams that are nationally ranked ahead of nationals later this school year. The armed drill team is 2nd in the nation; unarmed drill team 9th; open color guard drill team 5th; rifle precision is 7th and sporter team 9th.

The members of the two squads are:

Ozark Raider Male Team

Adrian Collins, Jordan Hurst, Joshua Lambert, Parker Lane, Justus Maskrod, Shakir McClelland, Clayton Moison, Lexzandro Rosario, Gabriel Silva, Trey Vaught and Calvin Wheeler

Ozark Raider Mixed Team

Noah Atchison, Varonica Athey, Sarah Cazier, Elliott Godwin, Madisyn Miller, Rylee Miller, Mirakle Nettles, Ivan Rogers, Lucas Shepard, Matthew Smith, Elijah Webb and Clarice Wheeler

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