Springfield Police Department Recognizes Police Organizations Training Graduates

The Springfield Police Department honored 32 graduates from the Springfield Police Department, Springfield Fire Department, and CoxHealth EMS who completed a three-week Leadership in Police Organizations Training.

The program is the International Association of Police Chief’s leadership development training program based on the concept of every officer being a leader. The training includes a focus on behavioral science concepts and theories related to law enforcement.

The training is aimed at having the students:

  • Understand and apply modern behavioral science and leadership theories that affect human motivation, satisfaction, and performance in the achievement of organizational goals 
  • Learn frameworks to translate knowledge and experience into effective leader actions
  • Integrate course content into daily leadership practices
  • Inspire a lifelong commitment to the study and practice of effective leadership

The 32 graduates of the program are:

Sergeant Jon Shuck, Sergeant Ken Browning, Sergeant Tony D’Andrea, Sergeant Dan Simmons, Sergeant John Loe, Corporal Thomas Kelley, Corporal Patrick Lightwine, Corporal Kaylee Friend, Corporal Eric Hawkins, Corporal Cassandra Lightwine, Corporal Justin Lloyd, Corporal Harold Millirons, Corporal Daniel Rowles, Corporal Jacob Miller, Corporal Josh Steele, Officer Anna King, Officer Steve Boehmer, Officer Scott Hill, Officer Eric Dye, Officer Stephen Layton, Officer Jason Kitta, Police Services Supervisor Keith Henry, SFD Battalion Chief Heith Aldridge, SFD Battalion Chief Alex Clark, SFD Captain Jeffrey Prior, SFD Captain Lee Grover, SFD Captain Christopher Roush, SFD Assistant Chief Olan Morelan, SFD Division Chief Kelly Cardin, Cox EMS Regional Manager Ricky Savage, Cox EMS Educator Russell Scanlan and Cox EMS Regional Manager Ryan Verch.

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