Drury Hosting Talk by Missouri’s Teacher of the Year November 19

Missouri’s Teacher of the Year, Misty Grandel of Fordland, will be speaking at Drury University on November 19th.

Grandel, who is a graduate of Drury, was given the Teacher of the Year honor in late September.

“I’m thrilled to be returning to Drury University, where I was given such an excellent foundation both for teaching and for life,” Grandel said in a statement. “I look forward to sharing how my experiences at Drury shaped so much of who I am today; as well, I’m excited to speak with teacher candidates regarding the field of education and the joy that being a member of the profession has brought me.”

Grandel has taught at Fordland for 21 years. She teaches English, Advanced Placement Language and Composition, yearbook, journalism, Spanish, and dual credit speech and leadership. She is also an advocate for Advanced Placement classes at Fordland.

Grandel’s speech is being hosted by the School of Education and Child Development.

“The School of Education and Child Development is thrilled to welcome Misty back to campus to share her education journey,” Dr. Shannon Cuff, dean of the school of education, said in a statement. “Future and current teachers as well as community members are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from an exceptional educator.”

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