Branson Encouraging Proper Leaf Disposal

by Melody Pettit

With autumn in full swing, many Branson residents are wondering what to do with their growing piles of leaves. While there are several options for residents, the City recommends mowing over the leaves as they accumulate, allowing the leaf litter to enrich the soil for the next growing season. Other alternatives include burning and yard waste disposal companies.

The City of Branson permits open burning of leaves and branches 2” in diameter or less, for piles not exceeding 5 foot by 5 foot when winds are below 15 mph. Burning may begin at 7 a.m. and must be extinguished by dark. A garden hose connected to a water supply must be available. For questions or more information on burning regulations in the City of Branson, call Branson Fire and Rescue at 417-243-2780.

Besides mowing over leaves or burning them, there are several places in the region that offer yard waste disposal for a fee, including Hansen’s Tree Service in Reeds Spring and Ozark, as well as Sunny Hills Garden Center in Kirbyville.

BransJust as a reminder to residents, City ordinance prohibits blowing leaves into city streets or storm drains. This can cause increased street flooding. Missouri law prohibits the disposal of yard waste in landfills because it removes the materials from the natural organic processes and consumes valuable landfill space.

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