17 Years to Bring Springfield Sidewalks Into ADA Compliance

The Springfield City Council received information during their weekly Council lunch that it will take about 17 years for the city to bring all 640 miles of Springfield’s sidewalks into ADA compliance.

Transportation Planner Dawn Gardner told the Council the plan would also cost the city close to $30 million. Currently only about 30% of Springfield sidewalks are ADA compliant, and a survey in December showed that only 60% were in fair or good condition.

The plan to replace and repair sidewalks will be done in a “grid system” where they will fix all sidewalks in one part of the city before moving on to the next area, similar to how the Fire Department’s Project RED targets individual neighborhoods for awareness campaigns.

Gardner told Council the city held a series of public hearings to talk about the repair plan and the plan received positive response.

“Nobody really had any comments about the plan,” Gardner said. “They were just really excited that the city was finally taking steps to deal with accessibility in the city.”

The priorities in the repair process will be making sure the sidewalks do not have height differences of 1/4 inch, which can cause a tripping hazard, and a lack of curb ramps.

The plan is expected to come before City Council in December for a public hearing and possible vote.

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