Marshfield Native Wins Big on The Price is Right

A woman originally from Marshfield has a new set of wheels after winning big on CBS’s The Price is Right.

Leanne Potter, a flight attendant for Spirit Airlines, won a 2019 Chevy Spark in the Dice Game after correctly guessing the price of a foosball table.

Potter told OI that the whole visit was on a whim during a day off.

“I’m based in Las Vegas for my airline and live in a crash pad there part time,” Potter said. “My roommate suggested we pop over to LA since tickets are free and she had always wanted to go.”

A 2019 Chevy Spark similar the one won by Leanne Potter on “The Price is Right.” She told OI that she won’t know the color until they call and tell her which cars are available for delivery to her.

Potter wore a t-shirt to the show with the outline of the state of Missouri with the phrase “Show Me The Money” on it.

“Being born and raised in Missouri, I wanted to represent the show me state well!,” she said. “I love my state and made the shirt a couple hours before we left.”

Potter pulled the curtain aside a little about the taping of the show.

“You can’t hear the names they call [to “Come On Down”] so they have this lady stand on stage and she holds up signs with the people’s name that they call,” Potter said. “I was all the way in the back against the wall and can’t see her because she’s behind the cameras. My roommate taps me and says ‘THEY CALLED YOUR NAME!”

“I brush her off and go back to clapping thinking that she just wanted me to look silly on TV running down when they didn’t actually call me. Then she’s like ‘NO! They really did!’ That’s when I had the ‘OMG THEY CALLED ME!’ moment and started running!”

She said host Drew Carey is “very sassy” in real life.

Potter will have to pay a little over a thousand dollars in taxes on her prizes but is keeping the car and the foosball table. She told OI that now that she’s had time to process all that’s happened she still finds it hard to believe.

“It still seems so unreal that it happened,” Potter said. “I grew up watching Price is Right and always wanted to go! It’s a dream for sure.”

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