Zagonyi Park Historical Marker & Play Feature Dedication Friday

A new play feature will be dedicated alongside the re-dedication of a historical marker Friday at Zagonyi Park, 630 South Park Avenue in Springfield, starting at 4 p.m..

The dedication is taking place on the 158th anniversary of Zagonyi’s Charge, a cavalry charge near present-day West Mount Vernon Street, where 326 Union troops faced 1,000 confederate troops camped west of Jordan Creek. Zagonyi’s men routed the Confederates, allowing the Union troops to capture Springfield’s public square and rip down the Confederate flag from the courthouse.

The new play feature at the park is an ADA accessible unit made possible by a $97,500 Neighborhood Works grant. The Westside Neighborhood Betterment Association is also bringing a community garden plot with irrigation, drinking fountains, sidewalk and pavilion repairs and resurfacing of the park’s tennis court.

The historical marker is being moved into the Park after the future of its current location on private land on Mt. Vernon Street was called into question after becoming neglected and overgrown.

The University Club and Wommack Monument Co. moved, cleaned and installed the marker in a new location in the park’s circular flower garden.

“Knowledge about the history of a community is essential to understanding that community’s culture and values,” Bob Trewatha of the University Club said in a statement. “The Zagonyi’s Charge marker commemorates an important part of our history, and the University Club feels it must be preserved and maintained for us and future generations.”

Speakers at the event are scheduled to include Gregory Wolk with the Missouri Humanities Council, and representatives of Westside Neighborhood Betterment Association, the University Club, and the Park Board.

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