Greene County Officially Opens Operation Center

Greene County now has a central location for operations, workshops, its mailroom, and maintenance personnel.

The Greene County Operations Center officially opened Thursday with a cornerstone dedication ceremony and Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting. The cornerstone was provided to the county by area Masonic lodges. The ceremony featured a performance by the Glendale High School marching band.

The building is the first completed building funded by the 1/2-cent sales tax that voters approved in 2017.

“We’re very pleased to welcome the citizens of Greene County into the new Greene County Operations Center,” Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon told OI. “[This building’s] going to enable our employees to better serve the citizens of the county.”

“All of the county departments coming into this building had all been working in small buildings, small spaces, even in a basement,” Dixon continued. “We’ll be able to better inventory county resources, while providing safer working conditions for employees. For example, the new paint center will allow the employees to work without having to continually deal with paint fumes.”

Dixon also noted the new facility will give these departments loading docks for the first time, meaning they won’t have to break down truck deliveries into small loads for delivery to individual departments.

Greene County elected officials, judges, and mayors from the county’s cities were in attendance at the opening. Strafford Mayor Ashley French told OI that the process of building the center was different in how the Commission included mayors.

“I think what’s great is that we’re involved and it’s a long time since our small-town mayors were involved with Greene County,” French said. “Bob and the Commission brought us to the table. I think it’s great how they put us at the table and said ‘here’s what we’re doing.’ Any time they can do what they say they’re going to do and make county operations more efficient, it’s a good thing.”

The cornerstone was placed on the southwest corner of the building. Commissioners placed several items behind the cornerstone to make it a makeshift time capsule, including a copy of the resolution that authorized the sales tax, a Bible, the program of the day’s ceremony, and a retired American flag that flew on the Greene County campus.

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