Former Pastor Sentenced for Sexual Assault

A man who used a detailed plan to lure a woman into a sexual assault will be spending up to seven years in prison.

Gary Brandon Miller, 42, pleaded guilty in July to charges of sexual assault and deviate sexual assault. The guilty pleas came after Miller had been initially charged with forcible rape and forcible sodomy; the original charges could have resulted in life in prison versus the seven year prison term.

Miller sent a letter to a woman anonymously threatening to harm her and others close to her if she did not have sex with Miller and record it to be sent to them. She contacted Miller about the letter, and after meeting with her said that he felt they had “no choice” but to engage in sex and film it.

Court documents say that Miller admitted to his now ex-wife years later that he had carried out the elaborate plan.

Judge Ron Carrier decided to allow the sentences to run concurrently, meaning a total of 7 years in prison, instead of consecutively as requested by prosecutors.

Miller had been a pastor at Sycamore Baptist Church at the time of the crime.

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